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How to Free Up Space on your smartphone with new methods

Memory problems in the ´smartphone´ is something that we all go through from time to time. The applications, photos, videos or music that we have seem to take up more and more space, causing the device to slow down.

However, although these files are most of the time the cause of the problem, there are data that are stored on the phone almost without us realizing it and that can limit the memory of the terminal.

To remedy this, we present seven tricks with which you can free up storage space on your Android .

Uninstall apps you don’t use

Something so obvious and simple that it is worth remembering. Many times we download games or applications that we completely forget about if we don’t have them in sight. These ‘apps’, in addition to taking up space, run processes in the background that slow down your phone. To prevent this from happening, take a look at your phone from time to time and delete everything that is unnecessary. Clear the application cache

With its use, the applications and games installed on the ´smartphone´ occupy more and more cache, that is, temporary memory that can slow down the applications. To get rid of the app cache on Android you have two options: a global wipe or a more selective one.

 The selective option: Go to Settings> Applications> Select the specific application and press “Clear cache”.

The global option: Go to Settings > Storage and click on “Cached data” (This option is only available from Android version 4.2. Jelly Bean). You can also do this type of deletion from applications like Ccleaner or Clean Master.

Be careful when deleting app data

In that same application menu, right next to the “Clear cache” button, you will find another option that will allow you to delete the ‘app’ data . This trick is perfect if you have already made a backup or if you don’t mind losing the data of that application. Because beware, that “Clear data” button will delete the photos, conversations and other information that you have saved in the tool.

Check what you have downloaded

Many times when browsing the Internet we unthinkingly download documents or images that are stored in the phone’s memory and that we no longer need. Enter the download section of your smartphone to be able to easily remove them.

From the file explorer of your Android you can also get rid of the videos, photos or songs that you have downloaded and which you have already bored. Clear the data stored in the browser

When using the Internet on the mobile we store the cache, the ‘ cookies ‘, the data from the forms sent, the history or the passwords. That information takes up more and more space on the phone, so if you want to get rid of it you must open the browser and go to Settings (in the three points on the top right> Security and privacy and delete the data you choose.

Upload your files to the cloud

One more option to free up phone memory is to connect the phone to the computer via the USB input and transfer everything to the PC. In this way you will keep the memories forever, but leaving the phone memory free.

The downside is that the memories will no longer be at hand and sometimes you will want to share a memory from the past and it will no longer be available on your phone. This is solved by uploading the files to the cloud, with programs such as ‘Dropbox’, ‘Google Drive’ or ‘OneDrive’ , and synchronizing them with the phone. Thus, those files will be stored outside the device, but always available.

Don’t let WhatsApp download files automatically

The instant messaging service par excellence downloads all the files you receive to your smartphone by default, unless you indicate otherwise. To deactivate this option, go to Settings> Chats and calls> Automatic download and deactivate this type of download with both WiFi and mobile data.

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