Technology Is Handicapping Millennials


One of the main traits that make us mortal is our capability to communicate. Whenever we live a healthy collaborative life, we engage in exchanges face-to-face, care for and respect others, and we pay attention to important principles of form which also helps us to live in confluence with each other without engaging in too important disharmony. I’m not apprehensive of any critical mass of individualities living in a society at any time in history that has survived the times living in total insulation from their immediate community, its values, and communication practices. And as the importantly-the capability to learn from his own miscalculations over time. The smartphone has been handicapping the period of time generation during this regard

The smartphone has been handicapping the millennials. You have heard it right. You might be asking. Why do you say that professor? Let me explain why by giving you a real-life illustration that has changed the way I interact with mortal beings of the contrary coitus.

When I was a sprat, I plodded to discourse with girls face-to-face. I was so shy and literally hysterical to speak with a girl one-on-one. I had a terrible fear of rejection back also. Indeed though these passions aren’t completely foreign to youthful boys, I know the moment that my situations of shyness (and thus my incapability to speak with a person of the contrary coitus) back also were presumably advanced than utmost boys who were shy in my generation.

Like utmost kiddies in their teenage times, I was unrehearsed to engage in interpersonal dispatches with a womanish. I still keep in mind this lovely woman named Peggy that I really had the hots for. She was lovely, nice, and to my fortune. she sounded to like me. The fact that we noway ended up going out on a date had nothing to do with her interpersonal capability. It had everything to do with mine. I failed to initiate a meaningful discussion with her to have the chance to ask her out on a date. My total loss. and I knew it. Still, my incapability to break the ice and carry on an honest discussion with a girl made me stop and suppose about why I was not being successful in my love trials. I spent some time allowing about this question and also BINGO! Ultimately, I have learned what girls like out of my struggles.” They like to talk,” for the utmost part. I figured. Well, if girls like to talk, also I need to be a good listener. The rest of my musketeers is history.

Look, I did not need to have a smartphone to make me feel more or learn how to speak with a girl. My humanity helped me with enjoying my after teenage and youthful adult times simply by stopping and allowing about the egregious. For the utmost of my teenage times (up to the age of 16), I plodded with speaking with girls. Some might consider the former as being a” bad” life experience. Well, I see these former struggles at else moment. I thank God for how effects ended up working out in my life in that regard and for having the capability to face the problem and find a possible result like a man.

When I was 16 times old, there were no smartphones. My parents happen to have cell phones back also, which was unusual for Brazilians back in the90’s, but they weren’t smart. I did not have the occasion to go online to make me feel more for my incapability to speak with a girl. Because I had no technology, I had to face the problem and develop two veritably important life chops-Critical thinking and Harkening.

Kiddies’ moments are hindered because of technology. Too numerous millennials face a problem with a girl rather than facing the problem head-on to find a result. They frequently go to their smartphones and textbook! Can not talk with a girl tonight? Go to a smartphone, watch a videotape with girls, and feel more. Can not find a date to go to hop. Go to the smartphone, converse with girls on Tumbler, and move on. Do not have any musketeers? Go to the smartphone and log into Facebook and drooling! The problem is that textbook messaging will not educate a sprat how to speak with a girl like a man. Avoiding (or the incapability) to speaking with a real girl can not be replaced by watching a videotape about girls. Not having a date for hop can not be replaced by drooling with nonnatives on Tumbler.

What if I told you that if a person faces a problem in life and decides to ignore the issue and move sideways, ultimately they will walk in a circle and be bossed around for life? With or without technology. All this technology that’s supposed to make our lives better is having an extensively negative impact on the lives of millions of teenagers and youthful grown-ups moment. It is, in fact, handicapping them by discouraging them to face world issues for the sake of technology.

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