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Android Smartphone Basics Everyone Should Know

Sim & SD Cards
These are frequently confused for one another and since they’ve veritably different functions, it’s important to know the difference.

A SIM card is handled by your phone company (Verizon, Tracfone, AT&T), generally free of charge, and holds information similar to your phone number and connections. It’s typically relatively small and white in color.

A micro SD card can be used in utmost smartphones and is for a storehouse of effects like prints, music, vids, and documents. Micro SD cards can be bought just about anywhere, including Walmart, CVS, and indeed eBay. These cards come in sizes similar to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB.

Still, the SIM and SD card places can be planted by taking the reverse off the phone, If your phone has a removable reverseElse, a little hole located on the top or side of the phone holds the SIM and SD cards. A special key is needed to open this hole and should have been included with the purchase of the phone.

Home Screen
The home screen is analogous to the desktop on a computer. It’s the main screen, the bone you will use most, and your phone returns to it each time you hit the home buttonFurther defenses can be added to the right or left of your home screen and can be reached by swiping in either direction.
Apps installed by the Play Store will automatically appear on your home screen. It’s also possible to drag apps from the app hole onto your home screen or from one screen to another.

Your smartphone uses apps ( operations) to perform thousands of functions. These apps like to shoot announcements to keep us streamlined. YouTube, for your case, will notify you of a videotape you may enjoy that has just been uploaded. While a rainfall app will shoot announcements pertaining to the rainfall and your dispatches app will show you dispatches as you admit them. Swipe notices to the right to clear them or click” clear all”.

Announcement Bar
The announcement bar is located at the top of your screen and generally shows the timecurrent battery charge, and Wi-Fi/ data strength. The announcement bar can be extended by swiping down. When extendedquick settings similar to WiFi, data, position, and Bluetooth are revealed.
App Hole
The app hole is where you can find and launch any of the apps on your phone. It can be penetrated from the bottom of your home screen (or any that you have added) in one of two ways

Clicking the circle icon ( generally white) with several holes or blotches
Swiping up

HomeBack, and Recent Keys
. The home key will return you to the home screen from any screen or operation and is located at the nethermost center of all smartphones.

The reverse key will take you back to the former screenHitting back doubly will exit an app.

The recent key reveals all open apps. Swipe apps to the right to exit and close or click” near all” to close all open apps. This is fairly important, as not closing an app duly will decelerate your phone down significantly; especially after several are left open.

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