Microsoft’s Strength is It’s Greatest Weakness

Henry Blodget substantially is known substantially for being spectacularly wrong during the fleck com bubble of the early 2000s, and Silicon Alley Insider has decided to put pen to a tablet ( so to speak) and wax on about how Microsoft is poised to take advantage of the current weakness in the stock request. This is presumably due to the observation that Yahoo can now be had at an important cheaper price than the$ 30 odd per share they were floating this once summer. That may indeed be true, but Microsoft has a history of fully deforming up any online action that they essay. It has so far been a complete plutocrat hole for them with no end in sight.

In order to understand Microsoft and online, you need to understand that they got into online business because of AOL. MSN was firstly designed to cover its Windows business from the trouble of telephone up services and an eventuality (which did not materialize) Netscape/ AOL combination. MSN created online parcels fully in the AOL walled theater model. They were maniac in making sure that Internet Discoverer (nee Spryglass cybersurferwas preloaded on all PCs. Anyone who dissented was hovered to have their Windows license abandoned  ( read Compaq).
AOL had a one-time vision to render the Windows Desktop an OS subcaste from which you run the AOL Client you got from those ubiquitous CDROMs at the supermarket. Stillmaybe thankfully, those ideas didn’t come to consummation as people began to choose naked Internet connectivity and the Google hunt runner as the existent standard for the Internet entre.

Fast forward to 2008, AOL is no longer applicablerelegated now to Seniors and the veritably pastoral. MSN is still completely bedded in once battlesunfit to make itself applicable to moment‘s Facebook swinging youths. MSN is like a Soviet-period field outstationstill trying to vend 3-day old muffins and warmed-over Foggers coffee. In between dummy Dick Clarke hamburger joints are alcoves trying to vend you Burberry knock-offs, Viagra,  and offers to transfer Nigerian canvas millions (AOL at least has had a fleece of makeup). MSN isn’t so  much a destination, as a necessary stop off for some on their peregrination to Google virtuousness.
Along comes Google Apps and Microsoft suddenly has the trouble that they allowed would materialize in 2000. Their response is Windows Live. Along comes Amazon Shadows and their response is Azure. Microsoft’s abecedarian response to any online enterprise is to copy. In other words, Microsoft’s total  online strategy is to respond to perceived and factual pitfalls, not to make real innovative products and services that people want, but to make on top of this rickety MSN and catch people from the dereliction IE home runner, who are too inexperienced to find the exit.

And then in lies the problem that Microsoft has. As long as their complete motive is to cover the Windows/ Office ballot, they will noway succeed in erecting true invention into their products and their competitors are free to out-execute them.
Their true dilemma is that they view their guests as Windows/ Office druggies that need redundant stuff that they can not get from Microsoft, rather than people that need a problem answered.

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